New Things

Anyone stalk the mail person or UPS/Fedex guy?  Well I don't really stalk, but I definitely watch the mail when I am expecting things!  It's like Christmas to me!  :)  So this year we are embarking on a new journey.  Reviewing homeschool curriculum!  I have already received several products and I can't wait to share our journey through them.  Some I have heard of before and some are new. 

My kids look at me like a crazy person when the new curriculum arrives!  I will admit to doing a happy dance!  ;)  So far we are enjoying the new things we get to try for our schooling.  It is so good to have an opportunity to be able to try out curriculum and be able to share our thoughts with homeschooling families. 

Twenty years ago when my parents were homeschooling my sister and I these options just weren't there.  I think there were maybe 3-5 curriculums.  Now you have so many that it seems you can get lost in the choices.

Hopefully buy utilizing the curriculum and sharing our thoughts on it we can help someone out.  At the bottom of each review will be a link where you can see the other reviews.  Not everyone will have the same opinion or thoughts and that's ok.  Each child is different!  THAT'S OK!!  Your child may not like textbooks.  But another child might.  Each child has their own learning style.  It took me almost 4 years of homeschooling to figure out what my oldest sons style was.  Now I am learning our 2nd sons learning style. 

You have to be flexible.  Again, that has taken me a while to learn and I still have to practice being flexible with my children.  They will learn at their own pace and also their own style. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to participate in a program that allows me to try new curriculums and share with others!  :)


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