Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my 3 year-old son Josef Micah Gerald! 

3 years ago, my world changed.  We knew we were having a boy and the doctors didn't want me to have another 11lbs wonder.  (that is #2's story which will come in May)  So much to my chagrin I let them do the membrane sweep...they did this 2x about 10 days before my EDD.  (he would have shared a birthday with his pap had he been born on the 24th which was his due date)  Well labor kicked in on a Thursday morning and we went to the hospital. 

Once there, they checked and I was a whopping 4cm already!  Woohoo!  Things were looking good.  It was about 9am when we got there.They hooked me up to monitors, we waited for our doula and my doctor.  My wonderful doula arrived and we were transferred to L&D.  Contractions were about 5 minutes apart.  We sat and waited...and waited...and waited.  All the while, my contractions went from 5 to 10 to 20 minutes apart.  Labor was slowing down!!!  AHHH!!!  About 1pm the doctor/ob arrived.  I sat up in my bed and told him that if I couldn't move from this bed that this kid wasn't going to come out.  I told him I was getting out of bed and walking.  He said you can't leave the room.  FINE!  It was a big room anyways.  He said they would give me 2 hours and then break my water... oh joy... He also said I would have intermittent monitoring...FINE!  As long as I can get out of this BED!  I was not having any surgery to get him out!  NOPE!

Well, I got out of bed and things kicked in again.  I remember looking out the window of the hospital.  It was very cold looking and that is typical for PA winters.  The fog on the windows, the steam off the top of the houses, each and every contraction.  My baby was getting close to being born!  Finally I had to sit down.  It had been nearly 2 hours.  The nurses were coming in every 30-45 minutes to monitor the baby and everything was going well. 

Well this was turning into my longest labor.  I was tired.  My body had been laboring all night long and I was getting to a point where I needed some rest.  I asked the doctor for something to take the "edge" off the contractions.  Well whatever they gave me knocked me out!  I remember dozing between contractions.  But that is about it.  My husband said he knew when I was having a contraction because my face scrunched up.  Nice...

Finally, I felt the urge!  that urge to push!  The doula ran to get my nurse.   My doula really was a lifesaver.  We got to talk quite a bit during the early part of my labor and she was SOOO supportive during everything.  She was even pregnant too!  Anyway, (there goes my ADD again) the doctor comes in and tells me to not push...I don't know about you, but that's like telling a freight train going 100mph to stop on a dime...good luck!  I told them it wasn't me!  Then comes in this intern.  No lie, I think I laughed as he walked in.  He had on a full body cover, a shield for his face, these long gloves and looked like someone either preparing for space or a member of the HASMAT team.  Yeah, that was the highlight of my L&D. 

Well Josef has decided he has had enough waiting!  He is starting to arrive and the doctor isn't even in place yet.  Darren and I both look at each other with the expression of "are you prepared to catch this baby if the doctor isn't in place?"  It was that close.  I swear it was almost a football fumble as the doctor barely arrived to catch Josef as he came out!  Oh my goodness that was quick!  Well, he was beautiful! Such a sweetie too.  I couldn't believe I had made it through 9 hours of labor (#1 was 5, #2 was 7hours)  I had a beautiful baby boy. 

Well 3 years later and he can keep up with his 5yo brother.  They are my "active" boys.  Always jumping, climbing, getting into something.  They both keep me on my toes.  To say that there is never a dull moment in this house is an understatement!  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  I love my children.  They bring so much happiness to my life.  While it may be crazy sometimes, it is what God has blessed me with.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, Josef Micah Gerald, Happy Birthday baby boy!  Mommy (and daddy and your siblings) love you very much!  You bring so much life to our family.  You are growing so fast.  I hope to take the time to enjoy you more as you grow.  May God give us the strength and knowledge in how to raise you into the young man He wants you to be.  You are a blessing!

Josef - 3wks
Josef - Sept '12


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