Creation Camouflage DNG Review

Hello again from my 3 boys and I.  We have been quite busy this past month between celebrating Thanksgiving and preparing to celebrate Christmas.  During that time we typically take it a little easy for school.  And let me say that Download N Go is such an easy way to get a simple day of school in for us!  We have really been blessed to do these and offer our review of them.

For those of you not familiar with Download N Go, here is a brief overview of what they are.  Download N Go (DNG) is a combination of Unit Studies and Lapbooking.  A DNG covers one subject and lasts 5 days (or one school week).  Each day covers something different.  It is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader File) that you download to your computer and print what you need and use the computer file to access the websites that are linked in the file.  All the research has been done for you!  This is AWESOME for those of us who may not know where to begin or are just way too busy to do any research.  Amanda Bennett, who is the author of the DNG line has done a WONDERFUL job in researching, compiling and organizing everything for you.

The next part is the lapbooking activities.  Now don’t get scared when you see the word lapbooking.  It really is quite simple.  It took us about 2-3 to really figure out what we wanted to do with ours but there really is no wrong way to put a lapbook together.  Amanda even has links to show how to put a lapbook together.  It couldn’t be easier than that!  Amanda really wants to make this as friendly and easy as she can for everyone to use.

Our review for Creation Camouflage.  Genesis 1: 24-25 (MSG)   God spoke: "Earth, generate life! Every sort and kind: cattle and reptiles and wild animals—all kinds."  And there it was: wild animals of every kind, Cattle of all kinds, every sort of reptile and bug.  God saw that it was good.

WOW!  Don’t those verses just amaze you?  God created EVERY living creature on this planet.  Cattle, reptiles, wild animals of all kinds, and bugs too!  He created every living thing!  He knew what they needed to live.  He designed everything.  From the stripes on the Zebra, to the color changing skin of the Chameleon; He knew they would need to blend in with their surroundings.  It is just simply amazing that He created all of that!

This past week we had the opportunity to work on Creation Camouflage.  What a treat!  From learning about many different kinds of animals and how they are able to camouflage themselves to their surroundings, to learning about where they live and why those places were created just for them.  Our days were spent watching some amazing videos and getting so much information from the websites.

One of the days had us rolling in laughter at the video we were watching.  I had taken it upon myself to add some sound effects to the video which make it all the more fun.  We probably watched that particular video 4-5 times with me doing the sound that made it extra funny.

Each day covered a different animal and their habitat.  Whether it was really rainy, super dry or even very cold every animal has its own form of camouflage.  It was amazing to learn where these animals lived, how they camouflaged themselves and why.  We also learned that the camouflage can be used as a form of defense for some creatures!  God certainly knew how to give each living thing what they needed!

So here is just a sample of what is covered each day.

Day 1: Hiding in Plain Sight
Day 2: Getting to Know the Rain Forest
Day 3: What Is in the Desert? (video where I made the kids laugh is this day)
Day 4: Hiding in the Ocean
Day 5: Cool Things About the Tundra

See what I mean about a variety?!?  This unit was great at giving just a glimpse at the awesomeness of God’s creation!  You will LOVE each day!  I love how we have been able to use some of the trips we have done and tied them in to this unit study.  We went to Arizona to visit family last year and the boys remembered that and when we were working on day 3 they were telling me some of the stuff from that trip.  I love how this unit triggered those memories.   Now we have to go to the beach, someplace VERY cold (not that Southwest PA isn’t cold right now) and then the rain forest.  Oh do I see some travels in our future.  For now it is just nice to be able to watch the videos and talk about what we have seen, read and learned from these units.

Here is a peak inside the DNG Creation Camouflage Unit.


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