Spring has FINALLY arrived

Well it's FINALLY here!  Spring!  It only took 3 weeks after the official spring date for it to show up.  We have been in the 60 degree (or higher) for about 4-5 days now.  It is so nice. 

The boys have been outside playing every day.  Running up and down the hill in our back yard, climbing the geodome that my parents got them last year, also climbing the tree's, drawing on the back porch with Chalk and swinging in our one swing. 

It is so good to be able to enjoy the creation that our Heavenly Father has given us.  It is spring time when I am reminded most of the gift of life that we are privileged to have.  Spring is also when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The gift of Eternal Life that was given to us.  It is ours, if we would accept it and follow Him. 

Thank you Lord for all your blessing and right now for the season of Spring. 


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