Download N Go Review - George Washington

George Washington was a farmer, a General, husband, step-father, and eventually the 1st President of the United States!  I knew some of these things but not all of them.  There was also so much more we discovered in our Download N Go (DNG) of George Washington.  I am still surprised at what we learn in these unit studies.  My boys are continually asking for more of them to do!  We absolutely love them!

The books that we borrowed from our library went so well with this unit.  The books on the list can add so much to the learning experience!  I love being able to sit on the couch and read aloud with my sons.  It is absolutely great.  We learned this week about George Washington's journey through childhood to becoming a young man in the army.  He got married and became a father to his wife's children (she was a widow).  He then went back to be a General in the war for Independence and eventually became President!   All the details in this study are simply amazing.  These are just some of the highlights!

Doing these unit studies has made my oldest want to read more about what we are learning about.  He has become more interested in learning and by doing that it has helped my 2nd child to become more interested in learning.  What a blessing that is for me as a mom.  To have my boys want to learn!

So here is an overview of what you will learn the week you study George Washington.

Day 1: Who Was George Washington?
Day 2: People and Places in George Washington’s Life
Day 3: The Accomplishments of George Washington
Day 4: Lessons to Learn From George Washington
Day 5: Remembering George Washington

Take a peek inside the DNG unit for George Washington.

So if you haven't done a unit study before or felt overwhelmed by doing them, a Download N Go is a GREAT way to start!  They have all the research done for you.  There are always great videos, websites and books to go with each day of learning.  It is so wonderful that Amanda spends the time on this so you don't have to!   Tie in the lapbook and you have an awesome week of fun learning and putting something together that will last a long time.  :)

If the idea of lapbooking overwhelms you, there are very easy instructions to follow in the beginning of every DNG unit study!  I know I was overwhelmed with the idea at first but we have done several now and the boys really enjoy doing them.

**I was given this item in exchange for my honest review**

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