Download N Go Review - Constitution Celebration

Constitution Celebration Review

This review is for Download N Go's Constitution Celebration.  I am so excited to be asked to review this product.  With everything going on in today’s society I have wanted to do something like this for our schooling but didn’t know exactly where to begin.  This product gave us a great start!

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The information in this unit study was well searched and very easy to follow.  We weren’t able to get any extra books from the library this time however, I don’t think we needed them as we had so much information already included plus I had some other books at home that went along perfectly.

The links to the videos were very good and kept my children’s attention.  (I have an 8 year old and our 3 year old watches with us)  There was even one particular video that had some of our favorite TV characters.

Each day covered different information about the Constitution.  The topics for this particular unit include the following.

Day 1:  What Is the Constitution?

Day 2:  What Is the History of Constitutions?

Day 3:  Constitutional Convention

Day 4:  Secrets of the Constitution

Day 5:  Goodies and Gadgets of the Constitution

We also worked on the lapbook (will have pictures soon) that was part of this unit.  The activities that went with this were great.  My oldest son loves to cut them out and put the lapbook together.  We also went to Washington DC while we did this study and we are incorporating some pictures from the trip in the lapbook.  That is another great thing that is great about these studies:  they can be done anywhere!

These unit studies provide so much flexibility!  They are such an easy way to do school.  All the work is done for you.  You just have to print what you want to print and use the information from the links to enjoy the study.  I am so glad to have been given this opportunity to review the products.  I wouldn't have thought that you could learn so much about one topic in a week but with the Download N Go products you really do.

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Now for the one thing I have to say in my review.  I was provided a copy of this product for free for my honest review.

You may purchase this item by clicking here.


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