It's the most wonderful time of the year!

No, I am not going to say Christmas, though that is a line from a Christmas song and there are already people posting a countdown of days until that most wonderful Holiday.  But I am talking about School!  That seems to be a wonderful time of year!  This year it is especially wonderful to my family because we are electing to do something different.  We had been stuck in the rut of textbook schooling and while my children did learn, they would often get frustrated with this approach.  It took me reading 2 books and realizing that I am the one who would be better suited for textbook learning while my wonderful boys are more hands-on in their learning.  So, this year we are going with an eclectic/classical approach.  More hands-on activities for the boys (which I know they will love), trips to the library, running outdoors while it is still nice out and focusing on what they need.  I am quickly learning that all children have different approaches to learning and also the speed at which they learn.  I was a very independent learner and picked up on things rather quickly.  My oldest can pick up on things fairly quick.  But he is a boy who has the "I have to keep moving" bug.  He just can't sit still.  LOL!  I don't know a boy that can though.  Our Middle child is 3 and is always on the go.  There is just no way he would do well in a public/private school setting.  These are just a couple of reasons why we homeschool.  So back to this year.  I have purchased most of the school supplies we plan on using this year and I am SOOOO excited about using them.  Jonathan, our oldest, also seems very excited.  He was requesting we open the boxes as soon as our books arrived.  :)   We are also taking a trip to DC this year and going to incorporate that in as part of our schooling.  SO exciting!!  It's always fun to visit new places.  So much to see and learn!


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